Benches and Drill Stands

Precision built pneumatically operated stud welding system.
Consists of a welding head mounted over an aluminium profile table using a goal post arrangement.

Suitable for high volume, high tolerance applications where accuracy is to +/- 0.20mm.

Table sizes can be made to meet customer specifications.
Weld head is pneumatically operated with all controls initiated by push button switches mounted on the front of the table.
Available with both Contact and Approach welding heads.
Studs can be fed either manually or automatically


Specially manufactured to customer requirements.

This photograph shows a bench fitted goal post system with shielding panels. Also showing controller, hand movable jigs and weld on Approach head.

All “Goal Post” systems have manual stud feed, 2 push button start and are shielded on three sides and can be custom designed to customer requirements.


Drill Stands are a manual option giving more control and stability compared to hand held.

The hand tool can be quickly and easily removed from the adaptor bracket for portable hand use.